Accord Manufacturer Online weigher(Extraction Scales)

The weigher does the real time weighing of the product and provides total weight of product and the flow rate of the product. 

Accord flow weigher  have an intelligent control system and can  provide flow balancing along with product weigher  measurement in some of the applications.  


Flow Balancer

Accord Manufactures Online Flow Balancers in house with Highest precision Loadcell for control of Product flow in Plant.

Controller along with Stainless Steel contact part available up to 20tons/hour.

The Flow balancer are used to accurately mix products with highest accuracy.

The Flow balancer measures the flow and control the product flow according to the set value.

The Flow balancer can be integrated with Scada for production report.

All the product contact part are of Stainless steel.

Reports can be also obtained on cloud.




The above equipment’s are used to provide the Yield of plant along with the performance analysis.

The Equipment provides the constant repeatability of product ensuring the person independent quality assurance.