Grain Temprature Measurement

Pacetech Energy : USA


Silo / Grain Temperature Monitoring

  • Historic Data
  • Aeration Control
  • Automated Alerts
  • Wifi and Cellular Connection

Silo Automation and Grain Management

  • Automation from Material Handling from Truck Unloading point to Silo Loading 
  • Automatic Unloading of the Silo configured to the process .
  • Integration with Online Extraction scales(flow Weigher) for product Input and Output
  • Yield report Stored material in silo 
  • Energy saving of Silo Operation by integrating extraction scales and PLC Automation


                                                                           Accord Grain Management Software


Accord Provides complete grain Management solution that includes the following

  • Accord Online flow weigher (Extraction Scale )
  • PLC based Automation Control
  • Accord Grain Management Software

Grain Temperature Monitoring 

  • Electronic  Temperature Cables for Silo with grain watcher.
  • Automatic Aeriation fan Control.
  • Automation and Synchronization of Chillers with Silo. 

The complete solution consists of the following

  • Selection of Silos for grain movement
  • Selection of grain movement in final bins
  • complete information of weight of Grain inside the silo
  • complete information of through put of grains movement in and out of silo .