Grain Temperature Monitoring and Automation Solutions


Accord Automation research & manufacturing branch in US is with name Pacetech Energy. At the Pacetech Energy Industrial IOT can transform traditional and linear manufacturing supply chains into dynamic and interconnected systems. Using Pacetech Energy Industrial IOT cloud platform, companies and manufacturing units can easily digitize processes, monitor and especially analyze data to improve performance and productivity. 

The Pacetech Energy Temperature Monitoring System is specially designed for Grain Monitoring and Control. Grain temperature management is a fully digital surveillance system which is used to monitor the temperature, moisture and level inside grain silos. Grain Monitoring System is designed with Industrial grade quality in mind. The product range includes Controllers, sense cables and networking along with Control pendants for silos. It also includes various of monitoring options and accessories.


Silo / Grain Temperature Monitoring

  • Historic Data
  • Aeration Control
  • Automated Alerts
  • Wifi and Cellular Connection

  Grain Temperature Monitoring 

  • Electronic Temperature Cables for Silo with grain watcher.
  • Automatic Aeration Fan Control.
  • Automation and Synchronization of Chillers with Silo. 


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In addition to above we are providing Silo Automation and Grain Management