Accord Technologies offers various models of PLC for various plant handling applications which include Steel, Power, Cable and wire applications. We have always taken an open approach with our products and technologies. We provide our customers with the best possible technology and give them the freedom t work with the devices and instruments of their choice. Proficy Process systems continue with that tradition. We understand that when it comes to process control, there are several choices for Field buses. That’s why we chose an Open Field bus approach to our system which supports the major Field buses including:
  • 1. Foundation Fieldbus
  • 2. Profibus™
  • 3. Hart
  • 4. AS-I Interface
  • 5. Ethernet
We also provide you with a comprehensive portfolio of I/O, allowing you to the right strategy to meet your needs. Through OPC, native drivers and by teaming with companies that specialize in Fieldbus and I/O connectivity. We can satisfy your connectivity needs – putting you in control of your Fieldbus strategy.

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