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Automation of CornFlex Plant

The automation of data collection and process control is necessary for today's food and beverage producers who seek to maximize productivity and improve quality assurance. Manufacturing automation increases food and beverage profitabilityand product consistency. Accord Technologies expertise shall help to lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TOC) increaseyour productivity and achieve consistent high quality. To list a few projects:

Automation of Cornflakes Plant

Design, Engineering and complete Automation of cornflakes plant with production capacity of 500KG/Hour using PLC and SCADA.

Automation for Pulses Industry

Design, Engineering and Supply of MCC and Control Panels for DAL Mill India and Abroad. Production capacity up to 5 tons/hour.

Automation of rolla Machines

Design and Supply of Load cell based automatic Weigh Controlled and feeder system with AC drives

  • Yogurt Cup Filling Machines using Servo/induction Motor
  • Capacity -1500 pieces /hour Table indexing
  • Plastic Cup Dropping Station
  • Filling Station
  • Aluminum Foil Lid placing station
  • Sealing Station
  • Dating Station
  • Exit Conveyor

  • Automation of Bottle labeling machine
  • Automation and design of High Speed bottle labeling machine with accuracy of label of 1mm for 300 bottles/minute for a length for 305mm
  • Using AC drives for low cost automation.

  • Automation of Multitrack/Single Track machines
  • Automation of Multirac machine with Synchronization of Filling and Sealing mechanism with AC motors using motion Controller with Built in PLC and HMI.
  • Automation of Multitrac machine using Camming Function with Servo motors.
  • Automation of servo feeders for Agur machines

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