Electrical Automation

Industrial automation is one the core strength of Accord Technologies. We have helped our customers achieve automatic control for consistent accuracy, performance, quality and optimal material usage. It has also helped to ensure elimination all possible human errors.

We have rich expertise to provide all type of electrical and automation equipments for the Complete setup of your plant. We are also specializing in manufacturing of Power panels, MCC panels, Control Panels PLC, Servos, AC drives and SCADA.

Power panel

  • 1. Power Distribution Panels.
  • 2. Power Control Panels.
  • 3. Motor Control Centers.
  • 4. Capacitor Control Panels.
  • 5. Mimic Control Panel.
  • 6. DG Synchronization Panels.
  • 7. Load Sharing Panels.
  • 8. Control Relay Panels.


  • 1. Pipe Bending machines.
  • 2. Pipe Positioning and Punching machine with Multi Axis Servos.
  • 3. Motor Control Centers.
  • 4. Press Automation with PLC, Servos and Touch Screen.
  • 5. Automatic Fire Brick making machine along with PLC and Touchscreen.

We have also helped our customers with the following.

  • Acquire process data, parameters & record them continuously batch wise, line wise, equipment wise as per product quality requirement.
  • The integration of data acquisition with SQL ERP System is useful for conducting yield analysis, production rate productivity, material & manpower usage etc.
  • Critical process events (alarms) which require immediate action can also be integrated with GSM (Mobile) SMS system to send SMS message to the supervising staff on critical process events.
  • Through Distributed Computing architecture (DCS), all the managing staff can access the system.
  • Maximum availability of system by having right balance of redundancy in the system.

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